Warmte omzetten in elektriciteit – Heat to power

Overtollige warmte uit industriële processen wordt zoveel mogelijk hergebruikt, maar een deel gaat als restwarmte via koeltorens de lucht in. Dat kost ook de nodige energie aan pompen en ventilatoren …

Arteq Power works together with Enogia on developing the OTEC

Arteq Power has formalised a cooperation with Enogia to optimise the OTEC cycle and the turbine. The purpose is that also small term-erasure and pressure differences can efficiently be transformed in electrical power. The French company Enogia specialises in ORC...

OTEC for Africa

In Boras, close to Gotheborg, the first OTEC for Africa conference was held. It was also the first moment to present the Archisol concept tot the OTEC community. Several parties showed interest and asked to be informed of future developments.

Introduction of OTEC

OTEC, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, is a technology developed to exploit a part of the 70% of the solar power that falls on the ocean. The next figure gives an impression of the area’s where it is applicable.